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Stylist Training

This four day practical course will give you the skills and ability to be a personal stylist or personal shopper. You may wish to do this course to learn more about styling yourself,family or friends or to or to add skills to your current job or start your own stylist, personal shopper consultancy.

 Colour Analysis training is not a prerequisite to this course however if you are training in colour as well it is best done before this course.

Stylist Training Learning outcomes

  • Understand the theory of colour analysis and know how to determine dominants

  • Identify and explain Style Personalities

  • Understand and recognize face shapes to advise on hairstyle and glasses                                

  • Comprehend and understand the seven body shapes

  • Analyse and confidently explain body scale and proportion and what suits in the way of fabric weight and texture.

  • Confidently carry out and conduct personal and group consultations

  • Understand all of the above about yourself and know how to apply this information to your own image and wardrobe.

  • Understand how to organise a clients wardrobe

  • plan and carry out a shopping trip with confidence

  • learn how to effectively promote and market yourself and your services

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the course, a training manual, 5 workbooks to practise with, and ongoing mentoring.

Cost $2,200.00

Fashion Design Office
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