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Style Consultations

If you want to feel excitement when you open the wardrobe door and delight when you look in the mirror, book a style consultation.


Your stylist will discuss with you your lifestyle and the areas of your wardrobe that make you feel unhappy.

You will be asked to complete a short style questionnaire to help her understand your style personality.

You will then move together to the mirror and determine your body shape and proportions (there is no measuring involved in this).

You will be asked to bring a small selection of items from your wardrobe, some good buys and some that were not so good. These items will be used to demonstrate what works for you and why.

What you will learn
Your body shape and proportions and how to use that information when you shop.
Your style personality and how to shop for it.
Your best features and any that you may not want to accentuate.
How to achieve a great fit.
Where best to shop.
Time: 2 hours plus
Cost: $220 plus**
Includes a personalised style workbook. This can be adapted to groups and hen parties; please enquire.

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