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Colour Consultation

Colour has a substantial impact on the way we look and how we feel.

Colours that complement us help us appear vibrant, younger and healthier.
The colours we wear also impact on how others perceive us.


During an individual colour consultation, your consultant will discuss with you your lifestyle, the way you shop, your colour preferences and any problems you may have with wearing certain colours.

We then look at the way your hair, skin and eye colour interact to give you your unique colouring and demonstrate which colours flatter you the most.

We will discuss which colours should be selected for which garments to enhance your personality and colouring and fit in with your lifestyle.
You will also be shown a make-up update in your best colours and receive a makeup chart and receive hair colour and style advice with two to three images to show your hairdresser.
Learn and understand your dominant colouring or season, which colours suit you and equally importantly which do not.
Discover your best make-up colours and shades for you.
Discover how to integrate the colours of the clothes you own with the ones you will choose next time and how to coordinate your wardrobe colours.

Makeup is available to purchase after this consultation.

You will receive a colour swatch fan in your seasonal/tonal type for future shopping purchases.
Time: 1 1/2 -2 hours
Cost: approx $220
This consultation can be adapted for a group or hen night; please enquire.

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