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Business Image

When you find out what is special about YOU, you can dress for success, every time.


How and where will your prospective clients form their first impression of your business? Will it be face to face, via your web site or by phone? Regardless of the size of your business this first impression will be a lasting one. So it is imperative that you and your staff capitalize on making this first impression a positive one that instills confidence in your prospective clients.

If it’s face to face, the majority of an overall first impression is based on just the first two seconds and how we look and behave rather than on what we say. All client facing personnel in your business and you yourself will form part of your business corporate image.

Color Me Beautiful New Zealand can help you and all of your client facing staff maximize the benefit from that first encounter. We offer a range of coaching services on topics such as personal image, personal branding, body language, corporate coaching and presentation skills.

All of the sessions are conducted by fully trained Image Consultants that have a background in the professional or corporate world.

We offer one hour Conference Presentations on:

  • the impact of your image

  • personal image

  • what your image says about you and your company

  • confidence in body language

  • using colour for impact

  • suitable business dress

  • creating a great impression

plus three hour Business Image Workshops on:

  • personal v business image

  • projecting the values of your business through behaviour and dress

  • using colour for positive influence

  • business attire – what suits you best?

  • Grooming (this can also be offered as a one to one session)

Color Me Beautiful New Zealand offers professional but fun interactive sessions in all aspects of your business and corporate image from your employees to your clients.

Our business clients in NZ include Fonterra, Ezibuy, Ivoclar Vivadent, Sanctuary Dental, Websites Made Easy, Epsom Girls School, Dress for Success, Repertoire and HR Toolkit.

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