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Colour & Style

Trudy Van Zyl

Welcome to Color Me Beautiful New Zealand.

We are here to help with your image transformation and train you to help others achieve the same.

My journey with CMB began 28 years ago when as an already successful image consultant, I undertook training in their extended seasonal system. I then updated to their incredible tonal system seven years ago.

While I am still a passionate stylist at CMB, my commitment to their art of Colour Analysis and Style Consulting lifted to a new level when I became the company owner and national trainer in New Zealand three years ago.

Here at CMB, we are passionate about helping you become the best version of who you can be. Whether it is our colour and style services you are looking for or that you would like to join us at CMB and become a Color Me Beautiful Colour & Style consultant, the CMB family are waiting to welcome you.


About us

Color Me Beautiful New Zealand is all about confidence. We are world leaders in personal and corporate image. Here in New Zealand we have a growing team of professional consultants throughout both islands, a great many Kiwis have come to us for advice over the years on how to achieve the image they desire.

Whatever your image question we are here to help you find the answer.

If you need a colour consultation, make up advice, a personal image make over, colour party for your friends, a presentation for your business or social organisation call your personal CMB consultant. All of our consultations can be tailored to your budget and time needs. Contact Color Me Beautiful New Zealand today and find why hundreds before you have grown in confidence from a Colour Analysis, an Image Analysis or one of our Business Consultations.




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